Tuesday, October 5, 2010


College so far so good, but of course it has only been 4 days since I started :). I have in reality completed a lot in just 4 days. I finished my intro course, tomorrow I set my official schedule, and today I started my first real course. I took the pre assessment test and much to my surprised passed with an 87%. I'm pretty happy with that since I haven't even opened a book yet! It was for health, nutrition and fitness. Now I have to decided if I want to just go ahead and try to test out, or go thru and study the course. The test out score is a 3.0. I am thinking I still want to review the course. I'd like to get closer to 100% and I'd feel more comfortable. Tomorrow I talk to my mentor and will discuss it then. I am sooooo excited, I really want to do well. I am happy though, in 4 days I have already added 2 more credits toward my degree.


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