Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Molly !

8/29 My little Miss Molly turned 11 years old ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY !!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009

It's Me!

Okay, mom told me I looked old today. lol. Since the stroke she really don't have a filter and tells it the way it is. Which is good, and um.. a little embarrassing at times. lol So I decided to put on a little make-up and kinda fix my hair. Mom did approve and say, " Well now you look better." Gotta love moms! I decided to take a pic, since I hardly every get time to do make-up, or anything. I figured it was a once in a lifetime moment. So I captured it for posterity.


Busy Busy Busy

Well here I go again. I start school tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed that I do well. We should be moving in about a week or so. I have to time it right as to not lose an internet connection while moving. My classes are all online, so I can't go without a connection for any length of time. Everyone is excited about the move. Finally me and the girls will have a bed to sleep in. I am grateful for the couch, but hey a bed is a nice thing ;). No toilets that rock, sinks you can use in the bathroom, and OMG a dishwasher... lol.. I will be living like a princess. I told the girls that we want to keep everything tip top for mom. We want to treat her like the queen of her castle. Mom has never really had anything too nice, or even new. I am happy she will finally have something nice, clean and neat. I will make sure we keep it that way. Hubby got her a really nice couch and loveseat. It is like brand new. Someone was moving and going to get rid of it, so he figured it would be great for mom. She won't know what to do when we get there. I think she will be very happy there. It is the perfect place and house for her.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Mom is Home From the Hospital

My mom came home from the hospital today. She is doing well. I want to thank all of you for keeping her in your prayers.


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Update on My Mom

The doctor called my sister and my mom did have EKG changes. There was evidence of previous heart attacks. She is doing good, and will be discharged tomorrow and get to come home. They are going to treat her with medications. Abigail asks every day " Is Nana fixed yet?", she misses her like everyone else. This morning she was talking in her sleep and said, " Nana they fixed you, I missed you so very much." We will all be happy to have her home. My mom is happy to come home too, and can't wait to move. Every day she asks me how long it will be :). She is looking forward to her new house. She is in great spirits and feeling well.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Mom Still in the Hospital

My mom is still in the hospital. Last night she had some chest pain, so they sent her to a telemetry floor so they could monitor her. I called this morning and all cardiac stuff came back clean. It didn't show anything bad. She is doing well, and her Coumodin level still continues to drop (which is good). The ENT came to see her and is leaving the tampon in her nose for now. They do not believe she is bleeding anymore. Just as a precaution, I think they are going to keep her another day. Once her coumodin level drops to almost nothing, she will probably come home.


Saturday, August 15, 2009


I was getting ready to put stuff out for a garage sale yesterday and my sister called me in the house. My mom was bleeding from her nose and mouth. She is on a blood thinner and we had to call an ambulance. It took 5 hours to get the bleeding to stop, and they gave her 2 units of platelets. It ended up it was a nose bleed and was the most awful thing I have ever seen. I didn't know it could be that bad. She is doing well, but still in the hospital. They are keeping her there until her Coumodin levels drop off. She is fine and no more bleeding. They are keeping one side of her nose packed, and will probably take it out tomorrow and send her home. She will be fine and in great spirits. :)


Friday, August 14, 2009


Okay, I think I am getting addicted to face book and farms ville. Thanks Sally! ;)


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy 3rd Birthday Abigail !

My little princess turned 3 years old today! I can't believe she is growing so fast. She had a blast blowing out her candles and opening all her presents. I took her to build a bear for her Nana and Papo Walker. She loved it, and made a cute teddy bear with pink hearts. She named her bear " Teddy" lol :). She even made a special bed for teddy to sleep in, right next to her tonight. She can't wait til this weekend because she got a pool and tons of pool toys too. She played princess with her new my little pony princess castle and tried out her new rollar skates too. She sure was a busy girl today :). Oh and who can forget her "joka soka" which is her new water gun that she just had to squirt everyone with.


You've Got Mail

You will never believe what I got in the mail today. Imagine opening a box and finding a sheep's brain and eyeball and a fetal pig. Ewwwwww, it was pretty gross. I even got a scalpel to dissect them too! From the contents of the box, it looks like A&P is going to be a lot of fun ;). I already asked if the kids wanted to help me with my labs at home. They politely declined :).


Monday, August 10, 2009

It figures

You know here lately it seems I just can't win. I tried to snake the tub today to unclog the drain. Well now I wish I wouldn't have done it. I tried routing the sink drain because they are connected. Well, I broke the pipe under the sink. It just figures. To top it off I couldn't fix the tub either. It will have to be pulled apart from underneath in the basement. I guess we will just go over my other sister's house to take baths. I think it is pointless to call a plumber. It would cost a ton and we will only be here a couple more weeks. This house is going to be torn down anyways.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Update Home Inspection

The sellers agreed to fix the central air and a couple of other minor things! That means it won't be long until we will be moving to the new house. I am happy and a bit sad. I will be sad to leave my childhood home, but completely happy that we will have a house with 2 bathrooms, ( good thing when there are 7 people in the house ;) ) We will also have real bedrooms, a washer & dryer, and a tub that works too!!!! I can't wait to sit in the jacuzzi tub and relax! Oh yea I almost forgot, a toilet that don't rock when you sit on it lol :). Gotta love life :).


The Straw

The straw that broke the camel's back. I think I am getting close to the last straw! OMG like it isn't enough that I am living with my mom, I am sleeping on a couch, I have no washer & dryer, my muffler is hanging off my car, (which BTW sticks in neutral) , the bath tub is clogged up, and now I lose my health insurance because someone did not turn in the papers to the right place! Okay I have enough straws, I don't think I want anymore!


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Final Grades Psychology & English Comp.

I received my final grades for Psychology and English Comp. today. I am happy to report I got an A in both courses! That makes 3 A's out of 3 courses this summer. I hope I can keep it up this fall. Wish me luck!


Monday, August 3, 2009


Okay why do people always associate Lemons with bad things? Such as the car you bought was a lemon. When life give you lemons...... I think lemons get a bad rap. I've been thinking about how they aren't bad at all. Without them you couldn't eat lobster! A lobster just wouldn't be the same without lemons. Everybody needs some lemons now and again to keep life flavorful. I guess I have a lot of lemons at the moment, but I don't want to make lemon aide. I hate lemon aide. Instead I have decided I am saving my lemons for a nice big lobster! So the way I figure I am half way there. I just happened to get my lemons first, now I am just waiting for my delicious lobster :).


Algebra Final Grade

I received my final grade in Algebra :). I am happy to say I got an A !


Sunday, August 2, 2009

Home Inspection

They inspected the house my mom is going to buy. I was surprised that the home inspection went really well. The only thing that we are going to have a problem with is the central air. It is 20 years old and don't work. I am not sure how they are going to handle that, but I hope it all gets worked out. She is very excited about moving, and can hardly wait. I am happy for her. It will be the first time she has had something nice, just for her. It will be easy for her to get around in her wheelchair too. Heck she will even have a jacuzzi tub. It is a pretty big house. 3 bedrooms, living room and family room too. The lot is great. The house sits on a half acre and reminds me of a cottage or gingerbread house.


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