Monday, March 30, 2009

I love Bath and Body Works

I absolutely love bath and body works! I hit their semi-annual clearance sale every year and stock up. If your like me and love their stuff you might enjoy my review of some of their lotions and body creams.

Here are a couple Reviews I wrote:

Warm Vanilla Sugar Body Lotion and Body Cream

Sensual Amber Body Lotion and Body Cream

Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion and Body Cream


One Down Three to Go

Well as you all know our home has become a meg shift care center. With all the kids sick I have a med sheet with medications I have given everyone. I actually have to keep track of what med and times. I swear it is like working in a hospital. Thankfully one sick kid is better and only 3 more to go. The two little ones are doing good, just tired and hardly no fever left. My 10 yr old is still running lower fevers now. I'm hoping tomorrow she will be finished and able to go to school Wednesday.


Friday, March 27, 2009

The Terrible Twos

As parents I believe we should be awarded some sort of medal for living through the tantrums, screaming, and that ever so popular word toddlers love, "No." I have lived through the terrible twos twice, and I am currently reliving them again with my 1 and 2 yr old children. Here is an article I wrote on my tips and tricks that are helping me survive the terrible twos.

How to Deal With the Terrible Twos
A Survival Guide


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Influenza B

Well my 16 yr old daughter isn't any better today and my 2 year old is running a really high fever still. My 1 yr old is running fevers too, but not as bad as the other kids. I called the Doctor and they said to bring my oldest daughter back in, and bring the 2 yr old too. They decided to check them for influenza. The Doctor said he thought if it is the flu it should have already ran its course with my oldest daughter. Well, it ends up it is actually Influenza B. My poor kids are as sick as dogs. To top if off, when I got home from the office I found my husband with my 10 yr old at home. Apparently she started running a fever at school and they called him. Now all 4 kids are sick. I will be so happy when everyone is feeling better. It is awful to see all the kids so sick. Little Abigail (my 2 yr old) asked if she could have "pup cakes" (cup cakes). Of course I went and got her some, but my poor little girl couldn't eat them after all. She got sick :(.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Sick House

My house has now become an impromptu clinic. I feel like I am working in the hospital all over again. Last week one of my daughters was sick. Now the other 3 kids are all sick at the same time. Mostly it is high fevers, chills, coughing, and generally achy all over. Unfortunately there is nothing the Doctor can do for them. We just have to wade it out with Tylenol and Motrin. I hope it doesn't last too long. This is the 4th day for my oldest daughter. The two youngest just started the fevers and coughing last night.


Monday, March 23, 2009

Celebrity Psychics

Okay, I admit it, I love the psychic medium John Edward. I have read everyone one of his books, watched all his television shows and even went to several of his venues. For all of you wondering, no I didn't get a reading. I probably won't be attending any more venues. I found out the prices for tickets have risen quite a bit.

If your like me, you might have wondered how much celebrity psychics like Sylvia Browne, Chip Coffee and John Edward charge. I decided to find out. I wrote an article detailing how much each one of them charge, and what you get for the money. It was pretty interesting. If you would like to read the full article here is the link:

Celebrity Psychics and How Much They Charge
Psychic Bang for Your Buck


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Surprise Win for March

Wow, what a great day! I had to sign for letter today and much to my surprise it was a gift card to Kmart! I still haven't figured out which sweepstakes I won it from. There was no letter inside, just the gift card. I even had to call the number on the card to find out how much it was. You can imagine my surprise when I found out it was $50.00. Of course it will be put to good use. Diapers and diaper wipes :). I am really surprised too. I haven't been able to enter sweeps for a couple months, because of the whole DSL thing. Entering using dial-up just drives me nuts and half the time don't even work. Of course now I'm itching to enter some sweeps. Happy sweeping everyone! May you wins be many and BIG!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day! What a beautiful day it was. Nice and warm. I didn't even need to wear a coat! We spent all afternoon at the park. My little ones were thrilled, and I am thrilled too! All that swinging and sliding wore them out. For the first time in months they actually went to bed early. (knock on wood, since I said that, with my luck they will wake up in the middle of the night lol. ) It was wonderful opening all the windows. The house always feels so stuffy after keeping the windows shut all winter. Don't you just love it when the weather warms up! I guess I shouldn't be bragging too much. I hear it is suppose to snow at the end of the week, go figure! I think it is mother nature just giving us a taste and teasing us!


Questions to Ask Your Fiance Before You Get Married

ok, I figured since I have been married 20 years there has to be something I might know about I decided to write an article about What Questions you should ask your fiance before you get married. To keep all of you updated on how much my upfront payments are, this one netted me $2.31. That is not a fortune, but hey it will help me pay for my slow dial up connection ;). Besides, I had fun writing it. So far 87 people have read it! I hope you enjoy it. If you like it, don't be afraid to leave me a comment on Associated Content and here too! I love feedback!

Questions to Ask Your Fiance Before You Get Married


Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Love Writing

Update on my experience with Associated Content. The pay is not a lot. It is $1.50 for every 1000 page views. I guess that is good if you get a lot of people that read your article. I think it could take awhile for people to do that. I guess you never know. I believe it helps if you get a good fan base. Just like when blogging you have fans or followers. As you can see by my list of 3 followers at the moment, I am not what you would call a busy blog lol. It really doesn't matter, because I enjoy it and that's all that counts. I did have several articles get approved for upfront payment. I didn't start submitting them that way, until about the 10th one I wrote. I didn't think they would be interested in them. Much to my surprise they did offer me a couple dollars for the ones I did submit. I graciously accepted the offer. Now I wish I would have submitted them all for upfront payment. From now on I will do that.

My latest article is about entering Sweepstakes. It is a pretty long article. It is about tips and tricks that I find useful. I'm dropping a link here because it is too long to post the whole thing on my blog. It is easier to just drop the link. I think with most of my articles I will do that. Most of them are pretty long , and it is a lot to write on a blog. They have to be 400 words or more when you submit them.

If you interested here is my story:

Real Sweepstakes Winner Shares Secrets to Winning


No Light at the End of the Tunnel

Well it looks like I am going to be stuck with dial up for awhile. After 6 attempts, still no DSL. I have given up completely. I cancelled my order. I was afraid that if they finally did get it to work, and I had a problem with it later, it would take forever to fix it again. I didn't want to get in a contract for a year when I wasn't sure about the reliability. I guess I am going to have to give up and go back to my phone company for service. I was on a protest again my phone company. That's why I was trying to get it hooked up through someone else. I guess my protest has ended. Eventually I will suck it up, and call and have it installed through them.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still Stuck in the Dark Ages!

Here is the latest news about my Dial Up Dinosaur. I am still stuck in the Dark Ages! My DSL didn't work. Go figure, just my luck! First it was that my connections weren't connected, what ever that means. They fixed that and still I see this annoying flashing green light, that lets me know my DSL still isn't working. Now they have to come out to the house and run the lines to see if there is a different problem there. Of course they can't make it out until Thursday. To top if off, they will be here anytime between 8am til 8pm. Nothing like waiting all day for someone to stop by. I am so keeping my fingers crossed that they will be able to fix it. I am honestly going nuts with Dial Up. Hopefully Thursday night I will again join the modern age, and surf the net with the speed of light! Well, maybe not that fast, but faster than Dial Up.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh Please Not Now

Today started like any other day, wake up, fix breakfast, and take my daughter to school. The exception for today was, me muttering the words, "Oh please not now". On the way to take my daughter to school my car decided it wanted to give out and not start. Right in the middle of the street at a stop light. Now I'm sure some of you have all had this terrible experience. It definitely isn't a pleasurable one. The thing that even made this worse, is the fact that I decided I would just drive and drop my daughter off in my PJ's. Now you must understand, they aren't just any PJ's, but my very colorful, solid pink ones, with the little blue penguins with white bellies!

As I sat at the stop light, turning green and the cars behind be beeping, I was muttering those words, " oh please not now". My car in my mind had became this unwilling creature, who refused to start. It was laughing at the fact that I would have to get out of the car, in my lovely PJ's and push it to the side of the road. All I could think about is all those mother's gathering in the school yard and chatting just how lovely I looked this morning! I would be the laughing stock of the subdivision. Funny thing about today too, it was freezing cold outside, and I was as hot as the blazing sun. I guess it was my fear and embarrassment that kept me warm.

As I was sitting there, begging the car to start, and praying to God to just let it run long enough to get me home, my daughter asked me if we should start pushing the car out of the street. I was thinking to myself I could let her steer while I pushed, but would she be able to do that. See, I had to push it up an incline backward to move it. My daughter doesn't drive, and now I was thinking if I let her steer she might panic and not hit the break it if started rolling forward. Omg, now I would be in my PJ's when the ambulance came to pull me out from under the car! I said to her, "Don't worry about pushing, just pray!" She simply replied, "Mom I have been praying".

Just as I thought all hope was gone, and I was destined to look like a fool, my car gave me a reprieve and fired up. I quickly backed up, and drove that baby home. As we drove home I reminded my daughter to say a prayer and thank God that our car started. She said, " Oh mom I will", with a smile on her face. I'm sure she had fearful thoughts running through her head too. Poor girl was probably in a panic that her mom would be seen in those funky PJ's and the kids at school would teaser her forever!

I guess I learned a lesson, that PJ's are for sleeping in, and not necessarily to be worn out in public. It reminds me of how my mom always says the thing about wearing clean underwear. Always have them on, in case you were in an accident. Well now I will remember to always put on regular clothes when you go out. You may never know when you might have to get out, and push a car down a road.


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