Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh Please Not Now

Today started like any other day, wake up, fix breakfast, and take my daughter to school. The exception for today was, me muttering the words, "Oh please not now". On the way to take my daughter to school my car decided it wanted to give out and not start. Right in the middle of the street at a stop light. Now I'm sure some of you have all had this terrible experience. It definitely isn't a pleasurable one. The thing that even made this worse, is the fact that I decided I would just drive and drop my daughter off in my PJ's. Now you must understand, they aren't just any PJ's, but my very colorful, solid pink ones, with the little blue penguins with white bellies!

As I sat at the stop light, turning green and the cars behind be beeping, I was muttering those words, " oh please not now". My car in my mind had became this unwilling creature, who refused to start. It was laughing at the fact that I would have to get out of the car, in my lovely PJ's and push it to the side of the road. All I could think about is all those mother's gathering in the school yard and chatting just how lovely I looked this morning! I would be the laughing stock of the subdivision. Funny thing about today too, it was freezing cold outside, and I was as hot as the blazing sun. I guess it was my fear and embarrassment that kept me warm.

As I was sitting there, begging the car to start, and praying to God to just let it run long enough to get me home, my daughter asked me if we should start pushing the car out of the street. I was thinking to myself I could let her steer while I pushed, but would she be able to do that. See, I had to push it up an incline backward to move it. My daughter doesn't drive, and now I was thinking if I let her steer she might panic and not hit the break it if started rolling forward. Omg, now I would be in my PJ's when the ambulance came to pull me out from under the car! I said to her, "Don't worry about pushing, just pray!" She simply replied, "Mom I have been praying".

Just as I thought all hope was gone, and I was destined to look like a fool, my car gave me a reprieve and fired up. I quickly backed up, and drove that baby home. As we drove home I reminded my daughter to say a prayer and thank God that our car started. She said, " Oh mom I will", with a smile on her face. I'm sure she had fearful thoughts running through her head too. Poor girl was probably in a panic that her mom would be seen in those funky PJ's and the kids at school would teaser her forever!

I guess I learned a lesson, that PJ's are for sleeping in, and not necessarily to be worn out in public. It reminds me of how my mom always says the thing about wearing clean underwear. Always have them on, in case you were in an accident. Well now I will remember to always put on regular clothes when you go out. You may never know when you might have to get out, and push a car down a road.


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