Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Still Stuck in the Dark Ages!

Here is the latest news about my Dial Up Dinosaur. I am still stuck in the Dark Ages! My DSL didn't work. Go figure, just my luck! First it was that my connections weren't connected, what ever that means. They fixed that and still I see this annoying flashing green light, that lets me know my DSL still isn't working. Now they have to come out to the house and run the lines to see if there is a different problem there. Of course they can't make it out until Thursday. To top if off, they will be here anytime between 8am til 8pm. Nothing like waiting all day for someone to stop by. I am so keeping my fingers crossed that they will be able to fix it. I am honestly going nuts with Dial Up. Hopefully Thursday night I will again join the modern age, and surf the net with the speed of light! Well, maybe not that fast, but faster than Dial Up.


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