Friday, February 27, 2009

Kids Recipe: Sparkle Bread

OK so there is nothing to do, and your kids are complaining once again that they are board! Here is a great recipe me and my kids made up. We call it Sparkle Bread. They like making it because it's fun, creative and something they can do with little or no help. For little girls you can even make them and use them for a tea party, or for little boys it can be a fun time snack!

Sparkle Bread Recipe:

Here is what you will need:

  1. Slices of Bread
  2. Candy Sprinkles
  3. Butter or Margarine
  4. Cookie Cutters of all shapes and sizes

If you would prefer not to use butter, you can use alternative toppings like peanut butter, nutella, or even marshmellow cream.

  • To get started all you have to do is pick out the shapes you would like to use from your cookie cutters. For little girls, flowers & hearts are fun. For little boys, cars & dinosaurs are always a big hit.

  • Now that you have your cookie cutter shapes picked out, just cut the shapes into your bread slices. It is very easy, and kids can do it by themselves!

  • Next, you want to spread your fun shapes with butter or any alternative topping you would like to use.

  • Now your almost finished. Choose what ever candy sprinkles you would like to use and decorate your bread. You can mix and match different kind of sprinkles. Just let the kids use their imagination and sprinkle away! They have lots of neat sprinkles on the market today. You can find stars, dots, little balls and tons of other shapes and flavors!

Your all finished. Now sit back and watch your kids eyes Sparkle when they eat the wonderful snack they created. My kids love doing this, and I hope your kids do too!


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