Thursday, March 12, 2009

I Love Writing

Update on my experience with Associated Content. The pay is not a lot. It is $1.50 for every 1000 page views. I guess that is good if you get a lot of people that read your article. I think it could take awhile for people to do that. I guess you never know. I believe it helps if you get a good fan base. Just like when blogging you have fans or followers. As you can see by my list of 3 followers at the moment, I am not what you would call a busy blog lol. It really doesn't matter, because I enjoy it and that's all that counts. I did have several articles get approved for upfront payment. I didn't start submitting them that way, until about the 10th one I wrote. I didn't think they would be interested in them. Much to my surprise they did offer me a couple dollars for the ones I did submit. I graciously accepted the offer. Now I wish I would have submitted them all for upfront payment. From now on I will do that.

My latest article is about entering Sweepstakes. It is a pretty long article. It is about tips and tricks that I find useful. I'm dropping a link here because it is too long to post the whole thing on my blog. It is easier to just drop the link. I think with most of my articles I will do that. Most of them are pretty long , and it is a lot to write on a blog. They have to be 400 words or more when you submit them.

If you interested here is my story:

Real Sweepstakes Winner Shares Secrets to Winning


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