Thursday, March 26, 2009

Influenza B

Well my 16 yr old daughter isn't any better today and my 2 year old is running a really high fever still. My 1 yr old is running fevers too, but not as bad as the other kids. I called the Doctor and they said to bring my oldest daughter back in, and bring the 2 yr old too. They decided to check them for influenza. The Doctor said he thought if it is the flu it should have already ran its course with my oldest daughter. Well, it ends up it is actually Influenza B. My poor kids are as sick as dogs. To top if off, when I got home from the office I found my husband with my 10 yr old at home. Apparently she started running a fever at school and they called him. Now all 4 kids are sick. I will be so happy when everyone is feeling better. It is awful to see all the kids so sick. Little Abigail (my 2 yr old) asked if she could have "pup cakes" (cup cakes). Of course I went and got her some, but my poor little girl couldn't eat them after all. She got sick :(.


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