Monday, January 26, 2009

I Actually Made Pretzels

Yes, I actually made pretzels. You know the big soft pretzels you get with the salt and if your like me, you dip them in cheese! I have to say since my Dotty Mae Kitchen Aide Mixer came into my life, it has been yummy every since. I couldn't believe how easy it was and cheap to top it off. Compared to how much you pay at the store, you can make them much cheaper at home. I used the recipe out of my Better Homes and Garden Cookbook. The poor thing hasn't been used in years! My kids were thrilled, they loved them. Now I have both kids asking me if I can make them for their class parties! The recipe states it makes 20, but I actually ended up with 17 all together. Next time I might have to make a double batch. They were gone in just a couple hours! We dipped them into the Ragu Cheesy Sauce. I didn't put the coarse sale on top. So if your ever afraid or intimidated at the idea of making pretzels yourself, I say GO FOR IT. It was fun, easy and the kids loved them.


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