Thursday, July 23, 2009

Here a Move There a Move

Here a move there a move, everywhere a move, move. That seems to be the theme for this month. My sister's house sold, and she is moving in with my mom. We just moved in with my mom, and now my mom might be moving. It all almost feels like a game of musical chairs, but with houses. I swear I never want to look at another box as long as I live. I am so tired of moving, packing, cleaning, and dragging stuff, that I could actually be sick to my stomach. The good thing is we might have my mom's house sold, ( which is in really poor condition), and found a nice older house for her, but it has been all remodeled inside, and has a nice big private yard. Today we will find out the specifics, and an offer will be written on it, and on this house. I wish she could have gotten more for this house, but it just didn't happen. Keep your fingers crossed that it all works out for the best!


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