Sunday, January 10, 2010


Here we go again. That sleepless word Insomnia! I figured since I am up at 340 am I might as well make a blog post. I really hope this not sleeping thing doesn't go on forever. I suppose at some point a person has to sleep. So someday I might just do that. I imagine it is just stress, and my roaming mind that keeps me from slumber. It always seems that something is going on. If it is not one thing, then it is another. I have to admit life is never boring. Sometimes I think I would be happy with just a simple, no drama day. Nothing to worry about, nothing to stress about, and nothing to be done. Ah.. but than that would be too easy. No one ever said life was easy. I do believe we are meant to learn life lessons, and even if we can't figure them out sometimes, there is always a "moral to the story", so to speak.


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