Friday, March 12, 2010

The Strike is Over

I'm sure all of you have experienced the wish to go on strike. I'd like to stand with a picket sign that reads: No More Dishes, No More Messes, No More Laundry, and NO MORE CLEANING THE BATHROOM. I don't think those household chores would be so bad if it wasn't one step forward and 10 steps back. I pick up the toys, put them in the toy basket and in 10 seconds .. poof.. out they tumble by the little hands of my 2 and 3 year old. It is almost pointless to pick up! Don't get me started on laundry. Why do my older girls believe they need a towel for their hair, one for the floor, and one for their body. That is 6 towels a day between the both of them. 42 towels a week if you think of it that way. No wonder I go through so much laundry soap. For all of you who use the graduation system with towels.. I commend you. (clap clap). You know where they graduate from body to floor etc. My girls don't get that system yet, No matter how hard I try to explain it to them. I always end up finding a pile of wet towels piled in a corner of their room, or on the bathroom floor. The last couple of day I decided I was going to strike. I'm not killing myself cleaning stuff over and over again. I left messes. Then after a couple of days, my obsessive compulsive self set in and I spent all day cleaning and picking up everything. I even organized a closet. Go figure ! So all in all I guess my strike is over, I gave in. :)


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