Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone!
I think all the kids had fun hunting eggs this morning. Abby was up at the crack of dawn proclaiming it was Easter. We had our own little sleep over last night. Me, Dan and all the kids slept in the same room, so Abby had a lot of people to rouse out of bed. She was more than happy to adhere to that chore. I must admit it is difficult for anyone not hear her wonderful, precious, extremely loud voice! When Daniel spotted the first egg he went nuts! Screaming and yelling, "eggs". He couldn't wait to hunt them all down. He was grabbing hand over fist every egg insight. Abby was delighted to seek out the ever so elusive Easter eggs too. Even the big kids joined in, and found eggs scattered and hidden everywhere. Now it's getting late, dinner is over and the kids are full of ham and candy, I am hoping they will tire out early. After such a long day I would love to have a quiet evening, with them all tucked quietly away in bed.


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