Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Mouse in the HOUSE !

Have you ever heard the saying, "As the weather gets colder, the mice get bolder." Well last night while blogging that statement came to life for me. I'm sitting here and suddenly I start to hear a bag rattle behind me. Talk about your major panic attacks, I freaked !! I knew it was a mouse. I didn't even have to turn around to look. Boy, I couldn't sign off the internet fast enough, and shut the pc down. Of course it froze up, and it seemed like an eternity before it would finally power down. Images of this little creature running up my pant leg were running through my head. All I could think of was getting the heck out of this room. I ran up to tell hubby, and he went downstairs. Sure enough he seen the little creature. The little guy was dragging a piece of play food under a cabinet. Boy will he be surprised when he takes a bite and it taste like plastic. I have never been a fan of mice, and I'm hoping our little houseguest will be moving out soon. Hubby booby trapped the whole downstairs. Hopefully by tomorrow the little guy will be finding a new home. Mickey mouse I can handle. Little furry things with beady eyes, and long tails I can't. Just the thought that he is lurking around here somewhere just gives me chillbumps!


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