Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Garage Sale

Omg, I don't think a person realizes how much stuff they have until they decide to clean out the house. I decided to have a yard sale and get rid of all that clutter. You know that stuff in totes packed away in the garage, the kid's clothes they out grew, and the toys they no longer play with. Not to mention all those too many nick knacks that only collect dust. I decided to really clean house, and have a yard sale. I swear I have been marking stuff for weeks. It is unbelievable all the stuff you accumulate in just a short time. Especially with two little ones. They outgrow clothes and shoes every couple of months. My biggest fear is that it won't all sell. I marked everything really really cheap, just to get rid of it. I did have a lady come by today and buy some baby clothes. Actually she filled her car up with stuff and spent $106.00. That is a lot of clothes, especially when you consider everything was marked .25 , .10, and .50. I think only a couple of things were a $1.00. Have no fear, I counted 14 more boxes of baby clothes that are still left, lol. I hope they all sell at the yard sale. Hopefully the weather will be good Thursday and Friday. Wish me luck!


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