Friday, June 5, 2009

Comcast Cable

The wait is finally over. I am living in modern times again. No longer are the days of slow dial up, no long distance, and free TV. As you might have gathered from some of my other post, I got into a spat with our local phone company, and dropped everything but a basic phone, and went back to dial up. I am happy to say that I never have to deal with them again. I signed up for the triple play with Comcast. So far I am thrilled. My Internet flies, much fast even than my old DSL. I have over 200 channels of TV that I probably won't watch :), (hubby & the kids will), and omg long distance. Not only can I call all of the whole USA, but Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and Hawaii. Not that I know in Puerto Rico, Guam, or Hawaii, but hey if I wanted to, I could call for free ;). I got a really good deal. I am paying almost the same price I was paying for just DSL, and a basic phone. I couldn't believe how cheap it was. Now I can finally post some pictures! I can hardly wait. I just have to buy some more rechargeable batteries now, lol. Now I am off to surf the net at lightening speed!


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