Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Allergies & Breathing Treatments

Poor Abigail is having a hard time with her allergies. Yesterday her eyes were swollen and red and she coughed and sneezed all day. After she took her allergy medicine she seemed to be better. But when we got up this morning she was wheezing something terrible. I had to take her to the Doctor. They gave her a breathing treatment and prednisone. Now for the next 10 days she will take prednisone, and breathing treatments 3 times a day plus her regular allergy medicine. I think it is from all the dust and stuff here. We have been cleaning out everything everywhere and stiring a lot of it up. Once school is finished I am going to scrub everything clean. There is something here that she is allergic too. Hopefully once we are all finished she won't be bothered anymore.


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