Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thank God for the hives

What a horrific weekend I had. Saturday I felt like I was going croak. My bones and joints started hurting so bad I could barely walk. I have never felt pain like that before. Taking care of the kids Saturday was soooo hard. Then I broke out in hives that night, and figured out it had to be the antibiotic I was allergic too. Of course I hate going to the ER, so I decided to self treat with benadryl and a breathing treatment, because I was having a hard time breathing. Sunday I just basically passed out for the day. I couldn't do anything. Just standing or trying to walk made it feel like my knees and bones were breaking. I waited until Monday to get into the Dr. It is a good thing I went. The minute I walked in the door they shot me with a huge mega dose of steroids. I think me gasping, and unable to lift my knees to step on the scale was a tip off, that something was wrong. The steroid cleared the breathing right away, but it took another day for the bone pain to finally ease up. Apparently I had a rare and dangerous reaction. The Dr. said it was a good thing that I broke out in hives, because it made me know to stop taking the pills. It also helped that I took the breathing treatment and the benadryl. If I had taken that night time dose and went to bed I might have stopped breathing in my sleep, and no one would have ever known. So thank God I broke out in hives. I know it had to be God watching over me, and I am very grateful. I am still taking steroids, and Friday I go back to the Dr. for a check up. But I am feeling much better, and I am sure everything will be fine.


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