Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Happy 4th Birthday Abigail

Abigail turned 4 years old on Aug. 12th. Oh my where does the time go? They grow up so fast, it seems like only yesterday I held her as a baby in my arms.

She requested peirogies for her b-day, her fav food. It happens to be Daniel's fav too. I was amazed that Abby ate 6 and Daniel ate 8. As you can see in the pics they enjoyed the meal :). She is also a Tinker Bell fan, so this year the little fairy sat upon the b-day cake.

While she started the day at the hospital for an EKG and an Echo, the end of her special was exciting for her . Play dough, barbies and fairies were the theme for the rest of the night. She loved all of her presents and "swims" her pet fish from Paige, was a hit. Watching her fish, putting on Tinker Bell make up from Molly made for a great evening of fun.

BTW- Her test all came back normal! :)


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