Monday, January 3, 2011

ER visits abound

Hopefully tonight will be peaceful and no trips to the emergency room. Yesterday I had to take Daniel. He was fine at home, then suddenly grabbed his ear and began screaming. This went on for almost an hour when I finally decided to take him in. I wasn't sure if it was an earache, bug bite or if he had stuck something into it. The poor little guy was sobbing uncontrollably and wouldn't let go of his ear. Once we got to the ER he continued to scream and cry for almost 2 hours. Of course just before they took us back, he stopped and said it was all better, it didn't hurt anymore. I then had to explain why I had this little boy in the ER, as he sang Thomas the Train songs through the emergency room ;). Thank goodness the Doc didn't think I was over reacting or even crazy. He said that the tube in his ear could have been blocked and then spontaneously cleared. That would explain the sudden pain and then relief. His ear was red inside and he does have an ear infection. Since the incident he has been back to his singing, running, car racing and train driving self. I'm glad he isn't in anymore pain.

The night before last we had to take Paige to the ER. Her and her boyfriend were goofing around and she hit her arm on Abby's play stove. Nothing was broke and just bruised a little. They put her in a sling and splint for her wrist, which she twisted when she hit the play set.

I am hoping the rest of the week will be nice and quiet with no emergent episodes.


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