Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dial Up Dinosaur

Where have I been your might ask? Well I have been left behind in the middle ages with only dial up Internet access! I never realized just how much dial up resembles a dinosaur. It is truly something that seems exstint. Pictures, omg what are those? Trying to download a picture is nearly impossible. Even trying to access my own blog takes FOREVER! Please everyone, keep your fingers crossed. My new DSL service is suppose to be up and ready Feb. 28th. I am counting the days, hours and minutes. You might want to say a prayer too that I can figure out how to set it up, or that my brother in law is off that day :). He is my go to guy for tech stuff. I believe I am starting to go through withdrawal. I cannot get to some of my favorite sites, and I swear I am developing a twitch! Hopefully, all goes well I can start posting again. If it doesn't, you might have to check me into the local mental hospital. I will go crazy if I have to live on dial up much longer.


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