Monday, April 27, 2009

One In A Million

Okay, so I can't hit the lottery, but I can hit 1 in 1,000,000. I blogged earlier about signing up for college. I actually filled out all my FAFSA forms for student loans, grants and all that stuff you have to do. Now I have been calling the school for weeks, because it is not showing they have received my information. They keep telling me to call back next week. Today I found out they have my fall info but not my summer. It was filled 3 weeks later than my summer. So finally someone actually talks to me from the school and tells me to call the FAFSA people. Well I do that and all my information was processed back on April 6th. It is all completed, they have the information and sent it to the school. There is nothing else they can do. So I call the school back and she tells me they can't access it. She basically tells me oh well. So after a bit of chatting in a bit of a discussed tone, she finally agrees to have a manager look at it. Now guess what? I have to call them next week again and see what is going on. If I do not get all this sorted out by the time summer classes start I am screwed. It will put off what program I am trying to apply for, for another year. OMG go figure I am the one in a million form that someone messed up, and don't know how to fix.


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