Monday, May 11, 2009

Off to Camp in the Morning

Well I think I have everything packed. Little Miss Molly is so excited, I bet she doesn't sleep a wink. I'm hoping it doesn't rain. I guess it really doesn't matter, because they still participate in all the activities rain or shine. It would be nice though if we weren't soaking wet during the whole day. Of course I'm sure all the kids would think that was a blast :). It is a two hour drive, but I'm not riding the bus with the kids. I'm riding with another parent, who is taking luggage. I won't know what to do with two hours of quiet. I hope the babies will be fine while I am away. Little Daniel goes through separation anxiety if I just walk out of the house for a couple of minutes. He cries and stands in the window, it breaks my heart. Abigail is about the same way too. She does not like me out of her site. If I walk in another room, she is up and following me. Even when I cook dinner, she is between me and the counter most of the time :). I'm sure daddy will find something fun for them to do. If the weather is nice, he will take them to the park. They love that. Abigail lives for the park lol. As soon as she wakes up in the morning she is asking to go. I guess I am just a little nervous. It is the first time I have been away from the two babies overnight. I'm sure Camp Tecumseh is going to be a lot of fun. I will enjoy my time with Molly. I guess we are doing the program for pioneer living, and seeing how they lived, went to school and worked. Wish me luck! I'm sure I will have a lot to blog about when I get back!


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