Sunday, June 28, 2009

Howdy Y'all

Howdy Y'all. I have managed to crawl out of the piles of essays, algebra equations, and psych quizzes to post a Howdy to everyone. Of course it is just after 2am and I am still awake. At night is about the only time I have to finish homework. I need to really find a way to work on stuff during the day. My sleep deprivation is taking its toll. I can barely think straight anymore. I swear after all this, I better get into the nursing program, or I am going to cry for years to come. So far I have been keeping up on things. I hope I can continue to do so. I took my first proctored exam in algebra. I don't want to talk about it. I am not sure how well I did. If I got a good grade I will post about that later. If I didn't, well, I'm not going to talk about it ;). I just wanted to check in and let everyone know I am still alive and kicking. Well kicking slowing, due to the lack of energy to swing my legs, but kicking none the less :). I do know I'd like to kick who ever the hell invented algebra, but we won't go there. It is late and I am too tired to gripe. I am going to try and get some sleep. Hopefully tonight I won't dream of math or writing. I have been dreaming of it almost every night. I find that pretty unfair since I work have the night doing it, and then the other have dreaming about it. I must be being punished for something I did in a past life :). Take care all, and sleep well.


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