Monday, June 29, 2009

What a Day !

Boy what a day it has been. I am utterly exhausted. Little Mr. Daniel I believe has hit his terrible two's a bit early. Talk about your wild child. I believe "wild child" is his middle name. Today he managed to run and charge my mom's kitchen window. He went hands and head first completely through it. How he managed to do that, and not even get a scratch is beyond me. Thank God is all I can say, someone was surely looking out for him. But have no fear that was just the first item on his list of things to do. Just today alone, he has managed to dump a box of crackers, poor out a can of pop, spill a glass of tea, and play in a mug of water. As if that was not enough, he drew on the TV with crayon, drew on himself with markers, and even drew on me and my sister! Have no fear, he wasn't finished yet. Later he managed to eat a crayon, and followed that up by eating the tip of a marker. Yes I played the fetch it out game with him, but all that it accomplished was me getting bit. He swallowed it anyway. Thank God for non toxic markers and crayons. Oh, and by the way, the second crayon he ate must not have been his favorite color, he did end up throwing it up, and his milk he was drinking all over the carpet. And if that wasn't enough, if I recall correctly he did managed to tackle his sister, head butt me, and bite molly too. I think the only one safe from his escapades was his dad today! Talk about your little terror, geeze. I am hoping what ever spell he is under lately will soon subside and my little sweet boy will emerge again. From what I understand though, I think his early terrible two episodes might last a little while longer. I know this week we will definitely be working on the manner lesson with him! After all that though, I couldnt help but look at him tonight when he was falling asleep, and he managed to sing " I love You" from Barney as his eyes closed, and I thought awww, what a sweet little boy!


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