Monday, July 20, 2009

Grade Update

Well I cried on the first algebra proctored test I took because I got a 78. I got my grade for my second one, and it was a 95 :). Again I cried, but because I was so HAPPY! Now wish me luck, because I am taking a 3rd one tomorrow. I need a high grade to buffer the first test, and because I still have to take a final exam too. My 1st English essay I got a 92, which I will gladly accept, and still waiting for my grade on the 2nd one. Now I am working on a 3rd and 4th paper. Now in Psych I got a 120 out of 150 on my exam. OMG it was hard. I was pretty upset that I missed so many. I don't know how I could have studied any better for it either. BUT>.> I did get a 97 on my essay for PSYCH. I am thrilled over that. BUT again I still have a final and 2 more essays to write in there. It is coming down to the wire. I need to keep my grades up and not mess up right at the end. I only have 2 weeks left.


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